Medium Hip Lift Pants

$69.99 $99.99
Color: black
  • Underwear corset
  • Makes the waist 7-12 cm thinner
  • Models the figure, masks imperfections
  • Supports the spine, forms the correct posture
  • Special corset mesh, plastic bones inside, tightening is adjustable with lacing on the back
  • Available for waist circumference from 57 to 92 cm (standard size range)
  • Chest girth: measured as follows: we place the centimeter tape horizontally at the level of the armpits so that it runs along the line of the protruding parts of the shoulder blades at the back, and in the front along the line of the highest points of the mammary glands. It is very important that at the same time the tape does not sag, but also does not overtighten!

    Waist circumference: measured with a fairly tight measuring tape, which is located around the waistline in a horizontal position.

    Hip circumference: when measuring the circumference of the hips, the centimeter tape is placed horizontally relative to the most protruding point of the buttocks, taking into account the bulge of the abdomen. In this case, the tape should fit snugly enough, but not overtighten the buttocks.

  • Please refer to the size chart.

If you buy the corset without the bra ,you only need refer your waist size ;if you buy the corset with the bra ,you need refer the waist size and cup size,The cup size is more important ,if you cup size is bigger ,please choose one size up

The Grace and Muse corset are suitable for the bigger chest.

Our sizing chart below is to be used with your body measurements.  This is already factored in to our size chart. Simply select the CORSET SIZE that corresponds with YOUR NATURAL WAIST MEASUREMENT.  

Corsets are fully adjustable at the back. You can "Open" or "Close" the lacing at the Bust, Waist & Hip independently for the perfect fit. Our patterns have been developed and tested to fit a variety of body shapes using these adjustments.

The majority of the tension running through a corset is focused on the waist. This makes the waist the critical measurement when sizing your corset. The hip and bust can be "Opened" or "Closed" to fit provided the waist is accurate. 

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